Do you know the best times to post on Facebook, Twitter, blog, and send email?

Here are my notes from the “Science of Timing” HubSpot webinar yesterday presented by @DanZarrella.  Some really good info was shared with over 24,000 people who registered for the free webinar.  Highlights are below, and here is the deck and webinar recording:

*Note: All times are in Eastern time



· Most Retweets: 2-5pm (best time is later in the day and best days are later in the week)

· Check out to see your most retweetable day and time

· Highest Click-Through Rates (CTRs): Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday (no dip on the weekends) at 11am and 5pm (although CTR is consistent throughout the day and night)

· 22 tweets/day is the ideal number

· Key Takeaways:

 Tweet more, not less

 Tweet the same link a couple different times throughout the day with different content surrounding it (different quotes from the article, etc)



· Pages who post every other day had the most page “likes”

· Shares by Day: Facebook sharing on links spikes on the weekend

· Shares by Hour: 11am is highest (although sharing is consistent throughout the day and night)

· Key Takeaways:

 “Don’t crowd your content on Facebook.  Let it breathe.”



· Most emails are read in the morning (however, over 50% of people also check email at night)

· Opens by Day: Highest on Saturday and Sunday because that’s when people have time to give email more attention

· Opens by Hour: Highest during the early morning hours

· Clicks/Day: Highest on Saturday and Sunday

· Clicks/Hr: Highest during 5-7am

· Frequency: Sending 1-2 emails/month yields the highest CTR (although, CTRs are relatively the same whether you are sending 4-30 emails/month)

· Unsubscribe Rate: Highest for the less emails you send (and less unsubscribes the more emails you send)

· People pay the most attention when they first subscribe

 The more recent the subscriber, the higher the CTR

 Send new subscribers the best offers within a few days of their subscription

· Key Takeaways:

 Send more email.

 Your newest subscribers are the best.


Blogging: Analysis was of 40,000 blogs

· Blogs are read the most in the morning, then it declines throughout the day (although, over 40% of people still read blogs at night)

· Most Views/Hr: 10-11am (and also 11pm)

· Most Comments/Day: Saturday and Sunday

· Most Comments/Hr: 8-9am (morning hours)

· Most Links/Day: Monday and Thursday

· Most Links/Hr: 7am (morning hours)

· Be careful posting all of your blog posts to Facebook (frequency issue)

· Feed blog posts to Twitter

· Key Takeways:

 Know your audience.

 Blog on the weekends if you want more comments

 Blog early morning for more links

 Blog more frequently: More posts = More links and traffic


Lead Nurturing:

· Track the timing of when you send the highest value offers

· Track where your referrals are coming from

· Always measure how much money you are making and when you are making it


Overall Takeaway: Experiment!