What Small Biz can Learn from Big Brand Super Bowl Ads

Image: MightyBoyBrian on Flickr

Super Bowl XLVI was the most watched television broadcast ever - estimated at 111.3 million people.

Did you know the Super Bowl ended in a tie? According to Marketing Land, out of the 59 Super Bowl commercials, there were 8 Facebook mentions and 8 Twitter mentions

As the game ended, Twitter counted 12,233 posts per second, the most for any English language event in the six-year history of Twitter.

So, how did the big brands fail? Simple. They didn’t give the viewer a good reason to continue the conversation online. Simply adding a Twitter hashtag or Facebook icon/URL at the end of an ad is not enough. Big brands paid big budgets to gain the attention of 111.3 million people and then left them hanging. It’s going to cost them a lot of money to regain that attention in the future. To make matters worse, a lot of the brands that showed Twitter hashtags in their commercials were not actively engaging with tweeters online (#wasteofmoney).

Whatever you do as a small business, always keep the conversation going (Gary Vaynerchuk is a big advocate of this).

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Top 5 Most Compelling Social Media Stats for Small Biz

5) 1 out of 5 social network users is likely to visit another social site after leaving one.

4) There are now more than 800 million active Facebook users, with over 200 million added in 2011.

3) More than half of Facebook users log in every day - that’s more than 400 million people.

2) Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other U.S. website.

1) Nearly 23% of online time is spent on social networks.

**BONUS: Small businesses don’t have to spend much to get results.  Zoomerang found that nearly 60% of all small business decision-makers spend less than $100 on social media and 74% of businesses don’t employ anyone to manage their social media marketing.

Source: Read 20 more stats on

All of these problems at the end of the day are human problems,” he said. “I think that that’s one of the core insights that we try to apply to developing Facebook. What [people are] really interested in is what’s going on with the people they care about. It’s all about giving people the tools and controls that they need to be comfortable sharing the information that they want. If you do that, you create a very valuable service. It’s as much psychology and sociology as it is technology.” - Mark Zuckerberg

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Does Facebook <3 Small Businesses?

In early 2012, Facebook will give each qualified business at least $50 of free advertising on Facebook.

The social network also promises free resources and information on how to market your business on Facebook. The company is sending its reps out to meet with small business owners in person. Since Facebook has a self-service ad platform that’s actually geared more to small advertisers than large ones, the program seems to be about building awareness, especially since 64% of small businesses think social media is unnecessary.

Do you think this will attract more SMBs to Facebook and other social networks?  Or, will most take the money and run?

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Do you know the best times to post on Facebook, Twitter, blog, and send email?

Here are my notes from the “Science of Timing” HubSpot webinar yesterday presented by @DanZarrella.  Some really good info was shared with over 24,000 people who registered for the free webinar.  Highlights are below, and here is the deck and webinar recording:

*Note: All times are in Eastern time



· Most Retweets: 2-5pm (best time is later in the day and best days are later in the week)

· Check out to see your most retweetable day and time

· Highest Click-Through Rates (CTRs): Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday (no dip on the weekends) at 11am and 5pm (although CTR is consistent throughout the day and night)

· 22 tweets/day is the ideal number

· Key Takeaways:

 Tweet more, not less

 Tweet the same link a couple different times throughout the day with different content surrounding it (different quotes from the article, etc)



· Pages who post every other day had the most page “likes”

· Shares by Day: Facebook sharing on links spikes on the weekend

· Shares by Hour: 11am is highest (although sharing is consistent throughout the day and night)

· Key Takeaways:

 “Don’t crowd your content on Facebook.  Let it breathe.”



· Most emails are read in the morning (however, over 50% of people also check email at night)

· Opens by Day: Highest on Saturday and Sunday because that’s when people have time to give email more attention

· Opens by Hour: Highest during the early morning hours

· Clicks/Day: Highest on Saturday and Sunday

· Clicks/Hr: Highest during 5-7am

· Frequency: Sending 1-2 emails/month yields the highest CTR (although, CTRs are relatively the same whether you are sending 4-30 emails/month)

· Unsubscribe Rate: Highest for the less emails you send (and less unsubscribes the more emails you send)

· People pay the most attention when they first subscribe

 The more recent the subscriber, the higher the CTR

 Send new subscribers the best offers within a few days of their subscription

· Key Takeaways:

 Send more email.

 Your newest subscribers are the best.


Blogging: Analysis was of 40,000 blogs

· Blogs are read the most in the morning, then it declines throughout the day (although, over 40% of people still read blogs at night)

· Most Views/Hr: 10-11am (and also 11pm)

· Most Comments/Day: Saturday and Sunday

· Most Comments/Hr: 8-9am (morning hours)

· Most Links/Day: Monday and Thursday

· Most Links/Hr: 7am (morning hours)

· Be careful posting all of your blog posts to Facebook (frequency issue)

· Feed blog posts to Twitter

· Key Takeways:

 Know your audience.

 Blog on the weekends if you want more comments

 Blog early morning for more links

 Blog more frequently: More posts = More links and traffic


Lead Nurturing:

· Track the timing of when you send the highest value offers

· Track where your referrals are coming from

· Always measure how much money you are making and when you are making it


Overall Takeaway: Experiment!

I’m not sure we should even start with the concept of ‘social media design.’ Social behavior in humans is as old as our species, so the emergence of an Internet based on social behavior is simply our rudimentary technology catching up with offline life. Thinking about ‘social design’ should be embedded in everything we do, and not thought of in isolation. We should think about it the same way designers of electronic appliances think of electricity — it’s just there, it’s the hub, powering other things.” - Paul Adams (@Padday), Global Brand Experience Manager at Facebook

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Big things you need to know from the Facebook Pages update

MAKE SURE YOU PREVIEW YOUR PAGES BEFORE UPGRADING!  There’s no going back once you make the switch.  All pages will be automatically upgraded on March 10th.

If you want to see the new page layout in action, check out and


  • Horizontal tabs are gone!
  • Navigation is now on the left-hand side of the page, just like personal profiles (still referred to as “tabs”)
  • The information box under the profile image is gone and now lives in the “Info” section
  • Your friends that also like the page are displayed in the upper right corner of the page
  • Select your favorite pages to appear in the bottom left of the page

Showcase Latest Photos

  • Display 5 photos that you post to your wall or photos that you tag your page in (note: photos from fans will not show up here)
  • You can x-out any photos you don’t want to appear by clicking in the top right corner of the thumbnail
  • Tag your page in the photos to center the thumbnail image

Two Wall Filters

  1. Show posts by your page
  2. Show top posts from everyone (new way to see the most interesting stories first)

Use Facebook as Your Page

Interact with other areas of Facebook as a page, including:

  • Get notifications when fans interact with your page or posts
  • See activity from the pages you like in your news feed
  • Like other pages and feature them on your page
  • Make comments as your page on other pages (note: You can interact with other pages, but you cannot post on a user’s wall or comment on their status unless the user has opted for “everybody” privacy settings)

Profile Pic

  • Profile picture max dimensions are now 180x540px

Custom Content

  • After March 10th, any custom tab built will have to be iFrames (instead of FBML)
  • All FBML apps created before March 10th will transfer to the new layout
  • You can still select a default landing tab such as a FBML app
  • Facebook Developer’s blog post

For more information on this update, check out the Facebook update description and this Mashable article.

If you are new to Facebook pages, here’s a complete manual for building a page.

If you want even more, here’s the Facebook Pages Resources and Help Center.